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A Long-Forgotten Song (the hypothetical movie series cast)

Like many authors, I like to dream of my books being made into movies. Good ones, of course, with huge budgets so that all the props are meticulously detailed and the actors are perfect and the musical score is magnificent and original and awe-inspiring. My hypothetical movies will be like the Lord of the Rings movies (except without the tiny changes that are oh-so-important to Tolkien purists like me), so that the soul of the books and the characters is laid bare, brought to life for viewers who haven’t yet discovered the books themselves. So… who do I imagine playing my characters? […]

Fall Schedule

This fall is going to be busy! In addition to writing, I also make jewelry at Shy Violet. While I don’t have a lot of cons close by this fall, I do have craft shows! My schedule is below (click the names for links to the fliers). September 26-27 – Occoquan Arts and Crafts Show in downtown historic Occoquan, Virginia. Saturday the show runs 10AM-6PM, and Sunday the show runs 10AM-5PM. I will be there as an author only. October 3-4 – Fort Belvoir Oktoberfest Autumn Bazaar at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The show runs 9AM-5PM both days at Specker Field House. I’ll have both books […]

Why is the Labyrinth movie so great?

I occasionally post on, a question and answer site. Recently someone asked why Labyrinth is so great. You might already know that I love Labyrinth. But let me tell you more, because this movie is dismissed far more quickly than it deserves. Someone else had already given a short answer that mentioned the fantastic story and David Bowie, but I will go deeper. I don’t like the sequel manga and I think it derailed some of the fantastic symbolism, so my answer below is going to pretend it doesn’t exist. In my mind and in my answer, I’m treating the movie completely as a […]