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Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Character?

My answer: I have so many favorites for different reasons! But one of my enduring favorites is Reepicheep, from the Chronicles of Narnia (the books much more than the movies!). He’s arrogant and quick-tempered, probably partly to hide a little insecurity. He makes mistakes, but he’s always quick to apologize. He follows hard after Aslan, risking his life without a thought to do the right thing and inspiring others with his courage. He’s kind, generous, valiant, and a respected leader among the mice. When the party on the Dawn Treader is at the edge of the world, he is overcome […]

Release Week for Luminous!

How are you? It has been so hot here that my stargazer lilies burned and browned. A few weeks ago we had a birthday party for my daughter, who turned six, and enjoyed a 75 foot slip-n-slide in our backyard! The weather was hot and the yellow jackets stayed away. It was a wonderful time. Yesterday was release day for Luminous! Luminous: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set This is a fantastic boxed set (ebook only) of ten noblebright fantasy novels. They’re clean and noblebright, appropriate for YA and adult readers. I’ve raved about several of these books before, but others […]