Erdemen Honor Book3 Kickstarter! 2

A Cold Wind is in final formatting for publication next week. I’m really excited about the book – I’ve had some great reactions from my early readers. The story is special to me, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

I’m also working on Book3 in the Erdemen Honor series, as yet untitled. Please check out the Kickstarter project here.┬áThe rewards include options for ebooks and signed paperback versions of all three books – The King’s Sword, A Cold Wind, and Book3 when it’s finished – as well as three short stories set in the same world – Street Fox, Heroes, and Color. There are also special rewards including bookmarks and mini-posters just for Kickstarter backers!

I’d appreciate your support – sharing this blog post is a great way to help out!

2 thoughts on “Erdemen Honor Book3 Kickstarter!

  • JAV

    I came across your books on Smashwords and just finished reading them both. I wanted to mention something that slipped through the editing cracks. The heading for chapter 40 of “A Cold Wind” is for the wrong character! It says Riona, but it is clearly Kemen that is speaking. I highlight this because your books seem well-written and polished and any typos or errors become jarring.

    • C. J. Brightley Post author

      Oh my goodness! Thank you! I’ve fixed it and uploaded a new version. I’m glad you enjoyed the books!

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