Things Unseen: A Long-Forgotten Song (Book 1) 2

Things Unseen EBOOK copy

It’s done! Things Unseen (A Long-Forgotten Song) is out! Things Unseen is the first book in my new dark, urban, Christian fantasy series. You can read an excerpt here, as well as find purchase links for ebooks and paperbacks. I’d also VERY much appreciate any reviews of Things Unseen if you have a chance!

Check out the fantastic cover art! I love it! I even had the full digital painting made into posters in preparation for Awesome Con DC this weekend. I’m thrilled with the cover designer and look forward to working with him on the rest of the books in the series.

The Dragon’s Tongue, the second book in the series, has been drafted and is now being edited. Look for it this fall… I’m aiming for a November launch date. I’ve also just started the draft of Book 3 in the series, which is going to be pretty fantastic if it lives up to my imagination! I’m incredibly excited about this series. I’ve never written anything like this before, and I’m finding depth and layers in the drafts that I didn’t plan or envision.

2 thoughts on “Things Unseen: A Long-Forgotten Song (Book 1)

  • Andrew Estrada

    Hello, id like to thank you very much for giving me one of your signed books i cant wait to start reading it seems very interesting but ive been a bit curious to know how you found my information and full name? im not trying to sound paranoid but i would just really like to know. so itd be great if you could get back to me so i can stop thinking about it lol. and thanks again for the book:)

    • C. J. Brightley Post author

      Hi! Your mom Silvia bought it for you at the Occoquan Arts and Crafts Fair a few weeks ago. I had actually sold out of paperback copies, so I had to mail it. She asked me to mail it directly to you. I hope it didn’t creep you out and that you enjoy the book!

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